February 02, 2017


NSCC is specialized in Dutch tax refunds and has a GREAT DEAL to offer for all those who are interested in a tax refund. The bigger the amount you get back from the tax inspectorate the lower percentage of fee is charged!


· 9% Tax refund up to 2500,00 EUR*

· 8% Tax refund from 2501,00 EUR to 5000,00 EUR

· 7% Tax refund is 5001,00 EUR or more



Calculations are for FREE, we only charge fee after you decided to let NSCC arrange your tax refund.


When you want to know more about this service and its payment conditions please contact our office by e­mail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +370 46 300161.


Please note that this offer is valid for clients who decided to apply from the 1st January, 2017.


* – for new clients who are applying for the first year is applied fixed minimum NSCC service fee of 200,00 EUR if returned amount is up to 2222,22 EUR. For each following year for new clients and for old clients is applied fixed minimum NSCC service fee of 150,00 EUR if returned amount is up to 1666,67 EUR. In all other cases percentage tariff is applied.


NSCC reserves the right to change payment conditions.